Facilities - FACILITY



Learn and Shine: Spacious and well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, an auditorium. The Serene Learning atmosphere of the school offers just the perfect setting for the peaceful pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.
Happy Journey: Transport Facility (to be elaborated)
Aristotles & Dronas: Well-qualified, experienced teachers and administrative staff. All staff are appointed through a selection process, which has stringent benchmarks and standards. Teaching skills are upgraded through periodic training, and through sponsorship of teachers to training programs organized by the British Council.
Brunch and Lunch: Cafetaria and bakery to serve wholesome vegetarian meals with appropriate changes in the menu every week, recommended by a qualified dietician.
Explore the World: Field trips and educational tours/excursion trips are organized to fulfill the spirit of exploration and discovery from time time.
Water is Life: Aqua-guards and water doctors at vantage points provide filtered drinking water.
Health is wealth: MI Room to offer first aid to sick students.
Microscope to Telescope: A peek into our facilities Experiment centres of excellence The school has well-equpped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The Computer Labs (senior and junior), are spacious, aesthetically designed and equipped with the latest in the field of Information Technology. They are open to children of all ages.
Treasure of Knowledge: The library is the Powerhouse of Knowledge. The school has excellent library well-stocked with the latest books, journals and magazines besides several newspapers. They are kept open after school hours for the benefit of interested scholars. The library has a multimedia PC to update and present the data online. Newspapers / magazines would be stacked in the with Internet connection and a collection of the latest CDs, Book Exhibitions by leading publishers, symposia, seminars and workshops are also conducted.
Perspire to inspire: Facilities for sports include well appointed grounds and tracks, tennis courts, a golfing area, football, cricket, basketball and volleyball courts besides several indoor games like shuttle, chess, table tennis, carrom, under the supervision of qualified physical trainers and instructors. The school also has a spacious multi-purpose hall for indoor games such as carrom, chess, basketball and badminton.
Invent & Inform: Communication Services: in order to make the students feel home away from home a number of communication services are incorporated.