"Shining Stars" has a well-researched and scientifically developed pre-primary curriculum that focuses on holistic development of each child through play activities and collaborative group work. The pre-primary curriculum aims at providing tiny tots with a solid academic foundation by implementing a multi-sensory integrated approach to education. Shining Stars has been at the forefront of bringing innovative Montessori materials in the early stages of child care. The main aim here is to improve the cognitive skills of children that are developed with constant stimulation offered by the play activities and skills that are introduced by interacting with other children in group based activities. The next step for children is to learn the importance of writing and this is introduced to them through drawing and making them learn the precursors of language such as the letters of the alphabet. In addition to learning how to write, the Shining Stars curriculum also assists children in phonological recognition, implying the recognition of sounds associated with words that depict animals and everyday objects. A third important aspect that is the focus of the Shining Stars curriculum is the fact that children are introduced to verbal skills such as singing and reciting ‘pre-formulated’ exercises. It is a constant stress on positive learning attitude, constructing the foundation for language and other subjects - in terms of comprehension, retention and reproduction and in addition to the expert facilitators who ensure a holistic learning environment for children who are a part of Shining Stars excel in both curricular as well as co-curricular activities at higher levels of their education at BIGI.

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